Prize Bond Result

Prize Bond Result

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Prize Bond results are provided by NationalSavings.PK on the same date as the State Bank of Pakistan Prize Bond Result Bureau holds the draw. Moreover, we also update previous six years prize bond result records and include new prize bond result / lists as well on the same date.

Prize Bond Result Online Checking Method:

To check your prize bond number from the current prize bond result to six years back record.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Firstly, Select the prize bond denomination i.e. Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.750 up to Rs.40,000.

    prize bond result check method for previous six year records
    Prize Bond Result Check Method
  2. Secondly, Enter six digit prize bond number in prize bond No. Box.
  3. If you want to check broken/scattered numbers then enter them with commas in between number like this example. 123456,123457,654321 etc.
  4. Finally, Press Enter or click submit to check in previous six years prize bond results.
  5. Best of luck 🙂

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Furthermore, if you want to check prize bond result of prize bonds in series then Click Here.

Prize Bond Result Prizes list of Winning:

Listed below under each denominations are the number of the prizes and prize money which is given when winning prize bond is presented:

For Prize bond Rs.100/- For Prize bond Rs.7,500/-
1st Prize = Rs.700,000/- (1Prize)
2nd Prize = Rs.200,000/- each (3Prizes)
3rd Prize = Rs.1,000/- each (1,199Prize)
Total Prizes = 1,203
1st Prize = Rs.15,000,000/- (1Prize)
2nd Prize = Rs.5,000,000/- each (3Prizes)
3rd Prize = Rs.93,000/- each (1,696Prize)
Total Prizes = 1,700
For Prize bond Rs.200/- For Prize bond Rs.15,000/-
1st Prize = Rs.750,000/- (1Prize)
2nd Prize = Rs.250,000/- each (5Prizes)
3rd Prize = Rs.1,250/- each (2,394Prize)
Total Prizes = 2,400
1st Prize = Rs.30,000,000/- (1Prize)
2nd Prize = Rs.10,000,000/- each (3Prizes)
3rd Prize = Rs.185,000/- each (1,696Prize)
Total Prizes = 1,700
For Prize bond Rs.750/- For Prize bond Rs.25,000/-
1st Prize = Rs.1,500,000/- (1Prize)
2nd Prize = Rs.500,000/- each (3Prizes)
3rd Prize = Rs.9,300/- each (1,696Prize)
Total Prizes = 1,700
1st Prize = Rs.50,000,000/- (1Prize)
2nd Prize = Rs.15,000,000/- each (3Prizes)
3rd Prize = Rs.312,000/- each (1,696Prize)
Total Prizes = 1,700
For Prize bond Rs.1,500/- For Prize bond Rs.40,000/-
1st Prize = Rs.3,000,000/- (1Prize)
2nd Prize = Rs.1,000,000/- each (3Prizes)
3rd Prize = Rs.18,500/- each (1,696Prize)
Total Prizes = 1,700
1st Prize = Rs.75,000,000/- (1Prize)
2nd Prize = Rs.25,000,000/- each (3Prizes)
3rd Prize = Rs.500,000/- each (1,696Prize)
Total Prizes = 1,700


Which Prize Bond Result Will Win Prize:

All the prize bonds issued by the State Bank of Pakistan(SBP) two months before its draw will be included in very next upcoming prize bond result. In other words, the sale period of any prize bond denomination remains for one month in which anyone can buy prize bond from SBP or branches of National Savings. This one month starts from the very next day of its denominations draw then next two months sale of the same prize bond denomination will remain closed until its next draw. Hence, every prize bond denomination avails four prize bond result every year.

Prize Bond Result Prize Claim Method and Form:

The holder of prize winning prize bond can claim his prize money on prize bond from:

  1. Offices of State Bank of Pakistan.
  2. Authorized Banks on behalf of State Bank of Pakistan.
  3. Head and Sub-Post Offices.
  4. National Savings Centers / Branches.

In addition, the 3rd prize on Rs. 100/- and Rs. 200/- can be claimed through any National Savings Branch and State Bank of Pakistan. The higher prizes on the higher denomination prize bonds are claimed from the State Bank of Pakistan.

Further, prize money is claimed through presenting the claim on an application form along with the prize bond, its photocopy duly signed by the claimant on face along with the photocopy of National Identity Card (NIC). After verification of the genuineness of winning prize bond in relevant prize bond result the net amount after deducting the amount of Withholding Tax is paid to the claimant.

However, prize bonds of denomination Rs.100/-, Rs.200/- and Rs.750/- will be returned with the prize money amount other denomination prize bonds will not be returned with the prize money amount, face value of Prize bond will refunded along with the prize money.

Furthermore, any prize bond can be claimed with in the time period of six years which starts from its prize win date of the relevant prize bond result.

Tax On Prize Bond Winning Money in Draw Result:

At present Withholding Tax on prize bond in Pakistan is @25% of the prize money and for National Tax Number (NTN) holder is @15%. As a result, if a person wins prize of rupees Rs.1000/- the amount paid to the presenter is Rs.750/-. However, if the person is NTN holder he will receive Rs.850/-.

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50 Comments on “Prize Bond Result

  1. salam dear .i think the websites have not full data of bonds.i have experience the error many times during searching the bonds.
    e.g bond of 750.number 820740.have being winning bond number according to jan 2007 draw but the search result not showing the winning bond ((((Sorry! there was no prize for 820740. Better luck next time))).. . .

    Need yours attention.
    Is searching through this website is time wasting?????


  2. W/S Dear Abdullah, this site has been developed according to the rules set by the State Bank of Pakistan(SPB) and any prize bond which wins prize in any draw is payable up til six years from the date of draw hence the time to avail the prize of the prize bond you mentioned in your comments has been expired on Jan 2013. Dear this site is developed to facilitate the General Public without any personal interests. The only interest involved is to facilitate General Public with valid records/information.
    Admin of

    plz provide me prize wining form for =185000/= bcoz this form is not available on the site and also tell me where i claim this bond any post office? or banks detail? plz provide me

    • W/S Akbar Ali, Its better that you go to your nearby State Bank of Pakistan in there working hours. There you will get form easily. Fill the form and take these things along with you:
      i) Photocopy of valid CNIC
      ii) Winning prize bond (original)
      iii) Photo copy of the prize winning bond
      After verifying the genuineness of your claim they will reward your prize money after deducting tax but your prize bond will not be returned instead they will give you money of that prize bond. Hope now you get the clear picture.
      Regards, Admin of

  4. very good effort from your side for costumers and prize bond holders i many time use your old site for searching my numbers but i feel very easy on this site thank you very much and keep it up

      • assalam o alaikum …zain bahi

        sir m very happy to see your comments that you are doing your job well .
        m a student of architecture and i want to buy a full series of prize bond (rps * 200) i know i can get it from state bank but i was serching on the net couple of hours before i find out the result of (rps 200)that the result is shown in peshawar … lahour .. or some other places .. but i live in rawalpindi , what is all about . the result is the same in whole pakistan isnt it .

        • A.o.a Khawaja thanks for your appreciation. Yes the draws held any where in Pakistan are valid for whole Pakistan. The place mentioned is only to show where the State Bank of Pakistan(SBP) has organized the draw. It has nothing to do with prizes if a Rawalpindi issued Prize Bond wins in a draw held at Karachi by SBP it will be valid and will be eligible to claim in Rawalpindi’s SBP.
          Regards Admin of

  5. Hello,

    I had a suggestion regarding the searching option, it will be better if you provide the searching (From: 215000, To: 215999). So, those who have series will easily check their bonds.

  6. 1,5oo,000 ka prize jeetny per kitny paisy kateh gy ? i mean how much money have to give on winning

  7. I want to ask what are number of prize bonds issued against each denomination? I believe the number of prize bonds worth 100 Pkr will be much more in number as compared to bonds worth 40,000 Pkr and hence former will have a lower probability of winning.

    Is it the case?

  8. Sir,
    I want to purchase Rs 15000/= 07 Prize Bond of State Bank Of Pakistan. I live in Rawalpindi. so, can I purchase from National Bank Of Pakistan’s any branch instead of SBP.


    Anwar Shahid

    • A.o.a Anwar Shahid, yes you can purchase the prize bonds but the thing is that if National Bank of Pakistan(NBP) would have prize bonds and there is open sale period of the required prize bonds. So I recommend that you should purchase from SBP or from the branch of National Savings.
      Regards, Admin of

    I Have won a third price in 40000 price bond in bond no 55 on sep 2013 but i didn’t claim it recently i checked and i found that i have won a price now what should i do???????Plz tell me.

    • A.o.a Abeer Malik time limit to claim your prize of any denomination is six years and time starts from the respective draw date in which your prize bond bond won the prize. Second thing is that your prize bond must be issue from state bank at least two months before that respective draw date.
      Regards, Admin of

  10. Dear, what is the validity for draw of a prize bond, i mean how many years a prize bond number entered in lucky draw

    • A.o.a Khurram Shahzad time limit to claim your prize of any denomination is six years and time starts from the respective draw date in which your prize bond bond won the prize. Second thing is that your prize bond must be issue from state bank at least two months before that respective draw date.
      Regards, Admin of

  11. Sir i have prize bond which can held the prize in 2010 and the stamp applied on the bond is 14-03-2011 can i get the prize money or not ??

  12. sir ap ki site pr 100 wala bond 2nd inam luga he jub k dosri site pr 3rd he, how can I confirm. plz tell me as soon as possible

  13. Good Job Admin,you doing a great Job for People. Keep it up My Prayers With You.
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  14. I am waiting for the publish list of Rs.40000 bond held in queta on 1st March 2016.
    Can anybody let me know about the updated list??

  15. Aoa
    For the prize bond worth 40000.. After paying the winning money and keeping the bond, what does state bank do with the bond? Bring the bond again into the future draws and if so then after how long do they do it?

  16. Salam

    I m in Australia. I recently found that one of my Rs15000 has won prize in July 2015 draw. That prize is in bank locker in Pakistan so donot previous claim stamps on it. I want to know if prize money has been claimed or not. It there any way to find if prize for that bond against that draw has been claimed or not?

    • W/S Aftab Abro, To check if your prize bond has been claimed or not simply check whether the prize bond’s issue date is before the draw day then you can claim it otherwise no prize.

  17. Sir g merae pass ek 15000 ka bound hay Jo 04-20-2008 me win tha meuje ye pata chal sakta hay ke es ka inam wasol kar leya gaya hay ya ye mujhe mell sakta hay bound no hay 188738 hay plz mery rehnumae karen

    • A.o.a Asgher Ali, The prize bond win in 20/4/2008 and now it’s 2/1/2017 which means the claim period of six years has been over. Hence, you can’t claim any prize as per Government rules.

  18. Salam

    Please read my previous question carefully. My question was same as Asghar Ali has asked. The draw date is july 2015, and bond was issued couple of years ago. Kiya pata chal sakta he ke ye prize claim kar liya Gaya he ke nahin.

    • W/S Aftab Abro, I have studied your previous comment and things are pretty same the locker owner has to check himself for the date other than that there is no way as prize bonds are bearer type investment only the prize bond holder can check for the date of issue.

  19. A o a dear zain i have a rs.40000 prize bond witch win 3rd prize on 01.03.2016 but the issue date of prize is no clear. that is 07.9.2016 or 07.09.2015 how can i check. prize bond no. is D142135 please help