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National Savings is Government Organization its motive is to inculcate saving habits to Pakistani nation with in country and abroad. It gives opportunity to masses and small money savers to invest in the requirements of Pakistan. As once a wise men said ‘Save for the rainy days’. National Savings saves for the General Public, pensioners, senior citizens, small business men to large business men. It play the role of backbone in country’s economy. It has verity of savings schemes e.g savings certificates, savings accounts and savings prize bonds.

National Savings

Note: This is the Logo of National Savings Organization and it doesn’t belong to this website. It is presented here for public understanding.

National Savings History:

The history of Organization dates back to the year 1873 when the Government Savings Bank Act, 1873 was promulgated. During the first world war, the British Government introduced several Schemes for collection of funds to meet the expenditure. National Savings Bureau was established in 1943- 44 as an attached department of the Ministry of Finance of the undivided Government of India. In 1953, the Pakistan Savings Control Bureau was re-named as Central Directorate of National Savings. Central Directorate of National Savings has been serving as a strategic backbone savings institution for the state. Although the directorate, under different names and varying roles, has been serving national interest since Pakistan came into being, befitting savings schemes for people from different walks of life and especially those with greater needs has been the mandate of this trusted organization. With 100% sovereign guarantee of the Government of Pakistan, CDNS delivers commitment made, whether its the unmatched profit rate offered or always surpassed financial targets set for its deposit mobilization.

National Savings Branches:

National Savings is an attached department of Finance Ministry. Its main managerial office is Central Directorate of National Savings situated at Islamabad (Address:  23-N, Savings House, Markaz G-6, Islamabad).National Savings Branches


  • Regional Directorates are in twelve main cities of Pakistan namely Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Sukkar, Karachi, Abbottabad, Gujranwala, Faislabad, Bahawalpur, Hyderabad, Quetta.
  • 370+ National Savings Centers spread throughout the country working under the jurisdiction of  their respective Regional Directorates.

 National Savings Schemes:

National Savings offers competitive rates in their schemes that are fairly in favor of investors. Schemes are as follows:

i) National Savings Certificates:

  1. Defence Savings (DSC)
  2. Special Savings (SSCR)
  3. Regular Income (RIC)
  4. Behbood Savings (BSC)
  5. Short Savings (STSC)

ii) National Savings Accounts:

  1. Savings Account(SA)
  2. Special Savings Account (SSA)
  3. Pensioners Benefit Account (PBA)

iii) National Savings Prize Bonds Denominations:

  1. Rs.100/-
  2. Rs.200/-
  3. Rs.750/-
  4. Rs.1,500/-
  5. Rs.7,500/-
  6. Rs.15,000/-
  7. Rs.25,000/-
  8. Rs.40,000/-

National Savings Financial Analysis:

Total investment portfolio of National Savings is Rs.2,596,414.14/- and it is approximately 82% of the whole investment gathered by other financial institutions i.e scheduled banks etc. Keeping in view the aforementioned facts and figures it would be worth saying that National Savings and  its Investments are the pillars of Pakistan’s Economy.

Role of National Savings in Pakistan’s Economy:

National Savings takes pride in serving millions of investors nation wide with “Unshakeable Trust” and playing a vital role in the promotion of savings and National Development. It offers safe & easy way to boost economy with upside potential of  investment and making a solid addition to the economy of Pakistan. National Savings has always been most trusted and preferred choice of individuals and institutional savings. Therefore National savings is a benchmark of all-out excellence.

Future of National Savings:

Investments is not only dependent upon the rate of return, rather it is equally dependent upon the standard of customer services, method of operations, kind of facilities and efficiency &  proficiency of organization as well as security of investments. Automation of accounts is also nearing its completion to facilitate the investors. National Savings is continuously improving its basket of savings products.

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41 comments on “National Savings Organization
  1. Ayesha Noor says:

    Hi Thanks for Sharing Information

  2. Jamshaid Ullah Khan says:

    Me and my wife both are now over 60 years.
    Can we open joint a/c amount of 60,00,000.00
    for senior citizen monthly income?

  3. muhammad raza says:

    can i cash my prize bond which got 3rd prize in draw in 2011.

  4. Naveed Siraj says:

    Hi i need information regarding special saving account( specialy for children future)

    • A.o.a Naveed Siraj currently I am working on this part of site and collecting the authentic information sooner you will have all the required information but quality work needs time. I have note down your email as soon as I publish your required information I will mail you. Stay with us and your patience will highly appreciated.
      Regards, Admin of

  5. Qaiser says:

    draw k baad Prize Bonds ki sale kitny din baad sale hoti ha… means kitny din thek rahati hain baad Prize Bonds
    aur koie website ayse ha jo is k bary information dy


    • A.o.a Qaiser sorry to reply your comment late as I’m a bit busy these days. Now the answer to your question is prize bond ka open sale period us k draw k foran bad start ho jata hai jo k 2 months tak rahta hai. Inshallah with in a couple of week main pora schedule bana k update kr don ga aur ap ko email be kr don ga.
      Regards Admin of

  6. syed abdulrehman bukhari says:

    A.O.A…somebody plz help me.I have prize bond of 750.The date of buying is 19 oct 1999 I get info the bond has been announced or not.

  7. Sattar says:

    Salam bro.where to cash my bond prize.i have one national saving bank nearby me .will i get prize frm there.

    • A.o.a Sattar, The 3rd prize on Rs. 100/- and Rs. 200/- can be claimed through any National Savings Branch and State Bank of Pakistan. The higher prizes on the higher denomination prize bonds are claimed from the State Bank of Pakistan. You can get free form there no need to download or print just ask them to give you the prize bond claim form.
      For further information visit: read heading Prize Bond Prize Claim Method.
      Regards, Admin of National Savings

  8. Farhan Rizvi says:


    Do you have any scheme for overseas Pakistanis?
    Best Regards

  9. saqib says:

    Please guide me how i can change my next of kin in my existing account in national saving

    • A.o.a Saqib, provision is available in rules. You have to submit application with the required photocopies (CNIC and proof of account) to the Officer In charge of concerned Branch.

  10. Naveed says:

    Salam dear,
    I want to know that as it is mentioned in the information regarding BSC & PBA there is limit of investment i.e. 3 million only. Is it only for one branch or for investment in all branches? Please, clarify me about its investment.

  11. Syed Raza says:

    AOA,I would like to know my father had behbood saving certificate. He past away three years ago and he put my name as a beneficiary. Please guide me how i draw these certificate amount and also inform me can i get three years profit.

    • W/S Syed Raza, if you are the only nominee then you can withdraw only the principle investment by submitting request application containing your three specimen signatures along with the copy of CNIC, copy of certificates, Death Certificate of deceased, CNIC of the deceased person all these documents must be attested by gazetted officer.
      Regards Admin of

  12. Yasmeen says:

    Well I have one 15000 prize bond whose issue date is 2012 but that number has won a prize of 185000 in 2010 draw. Can I claim the prize money now?

  13. Tahir Ali says:

    Sir I have invested money (BSC) in one of my area branch, if in case of fire or any other terrerist attack to the area branch (may Allah save the center from such situation) can I cash the certificate and take profit from any other branch of national savings

    • A.o.a Tahir Ali, Its a Government security and as long as Pakistan is alive and may Allah keep it always your investment will remain intact and safe you just keep your certificates safe. If some mishap occurs to any branch Government will be responsible for the issued securities(all Certificates and Accounts). You will be informed of the substitute.
      Regards, Admin of

  14. Imran Khan says:

    AOA hope you are fine. please tell me how much possibility of winning prize in prizebond scheme as someone ask me that now it is too much difficult to win prize in this scheme as some people work on prizebond guess paper….
    please also tell me how these guess paper works ?
    thanks and really appreciate your working on this site.
    Best of Luck

    • A.o.a Imran Khan, I’m good by the grace of Allah, thank you. Most of the prize bonds have 1700 prize from one less 10 million prize bonds and it totally depends upon luck there no such thing like guess papers works. Its only the fake business to fraud the innocents if you live near any State Bank go to see the draw process when it is due there.
      Regards, Admin of

  15. ahmed says:

    As any way to check some 1 saving in nsp saving bank if he died. Without any documents. Iz your system is online coz 1 of our family member have saving account he pass away so we want to know the process thanks regards

  16. iffishaikh says:

    I need information regarding (Defence Savings (DSC)

  17. Murtaza says:

    Dear Zain,

    Please send me online link for claim of prize bond.


  18. Malik jamil says:

    Hi, kindly can you let me know that if I have a prize bond that has been issued from karachi bank, so can I claim its reward from state bank of MULTAN.

  19. Javaid malik says:

    Plz tell me the address of Karachi regional head office of national saving.
    Wich held 40000 prise bond draw on 1.3.2017